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NFL Power Rankings

32. Arizona Cardinals

Record: 3-13

Can you say Nick Bosa?

31. New York Jets

Record: 4-12

With Todd Bowles being fired, maybe the 2019 season can be different for Sam Darnold and the Jets.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars

Record: 5-11

How can a team go from AFC conference final to last place in the AFC south? Answer Black Bortles.

29. Oakland Raiders

Record: 4-12

How can Gruden keep is job after this season? That’s right 90 Million and 9 years left on his contract.

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Record: 5 – 11

Too bad the Bucs can’t face their division every game of the season. They play well against the NFC South.

27. San Francisco 49ers 

Record: 4-12

Rumor has it Antonio Brown might join them in the off-season, maybe the 49ers can start to win.

26. Cincinnati Bengals

Record: 6-10

The season was lost without Green and Dalton. The removal of Lewis benefits the team for 2019.

25. Denver Broncos 

Record: 6-10

How can a team with Chubb and Miller perform so badly? Case Keenum is their QB. Lightning doesn’t strike twice.

24. Carolina Panthers

Record: 7-9

The Panthers wasted the talents of McCaffrey. Newton needs a top 10 WR to actually throw too.

23. Washington Redskins

Record: 7-9

The Redskins need help. The team just can’t score. Getting blown out 24-0 to rivals the Eagles is just bad.

22. New York Giants 

Record: 5-11

Big things to look forward to for Giants fans, just need a new QB. But that isn’t likely.

21. Miami Dolphins

Record: 7-9

The Bills toyed with the Dolphins week 17. Tannehill isn’t the answer, firing Gase won’t matter.

20. Detroit Lions

Record: 6-10

Matthew Stafford looked like an elite QB against the Packers, too bad he doesn’t play like all year.

19. Green Bay Packers

Record: 6-9-1

It goes to show you, once your QB goes down, so does your team. The Packers need a make over.

18. Buffalo Bills

Record: 6-10

Josh Allen was names the AFC player of the week. 2 rushing and 3 Throwing TD, Bills fans, be happy.

17. Atlanta Falcons

Record: 7-9

If the Falcons could play defense, they would be in a playoff spot. Jones and Ridley are an amazing tandem.

16. Tennessee Titans 

Record: 9-7

Mariota needs to step up and play those big games, as elite QB show up in the spot light.

15. Minnesota Vikings

Record: 8-7-1

Cousins should be embarrassed. Diggs and Thielen as targets and you couldn’t make the playoffs. Shame on you!

14. Cleveland Browns

Record: 7-8-1

Bayer Mayfield setting the rookie TD record. Big things ahead for the dog pound!!!

13. Pittsburgh Steelers

Record: 9-6-1

Imagine having Bell and Brown on your team and not making the playoffs? Steelers fans can tell you how that feels.

12. Indianapolis Colts 

Record: 10-6

The Colts are the weakest team in the playoffs. But are lucky enough to face rivals, which can be an advantage.

11. Philadelphia Eagles

Record: 9-7

Nick Wentz who? Nick Foles should be a starting QB maybe the Giants should make a trade.

10. Dallas Cowboys 

Record: 10-6

Comeback win against a terrible Giants team doesn’t help for a big match up against the Seahawks.

9. Houston Texans:

Record: 11 – 5

The Texans defense just can’t be trusted. Especially in a showdown with either the Pats or Chiefs. 

8. Seattle Seahawks

Record: 10-6

Doug Baldwin finally shows up in the right time. The Seahawks have the pieces to make a run.

7. Baltimore Ravens

Record: 10-6

Almost blew their playoff chances against the Browns. Can their defense steal games for the Ravens?

6. Los Angeles Chargers

Record: 12- 4

Can Rivers finally brush of their playoff curse and defeat the Baltimore Ravens and that defense.

5. New England Patriots 

Record: 11-5

The Pats needed that first round bye more than any other team; Brady and the Pats can always make a run.

4. Kansas City Chiefs

Record: 12-4

Can Mahomes the sophomore sensation and potential MVP winner out score teams because their defense can’t stop anyone.

3. Los Angeles Rams

Record: 13-3

The Rams need Gurley to play and Goff to show up and not throw interceptions. Simple as that.

2. Chicago Bears

Record: 12 – 4

That defense is scary. If the offense can just score, they can win the Super Bowl.

1. New Orleans Saints 

Record: 13-3 

Brees will have Three weeks of rest before his next game. Any team should be worried about a well-rested Saints team.

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