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NFL Playoff Bracket

With the regular season wrapping up, we now have a complete NFL playoff picture. We’ve seen some dominate teams like the New Orleans Saints and teams sneaking in like last years Champions, Philadelphia Eagles. Here are the 12 teams that will face off to try to become SuperBowl Champions and take home the Lombardi Trophy.


Byes: No. 1 Kansas City Chiefs, No 2 New England Patriots

Wild Card Game No. 1: No. 3 Houston Texans vs. No. 6 Indianapolis Colts

Wild Card Game No. 2: No. 4 Baltimore Ravens vs. No. 5 Los Angeles Chargers


Byes: No. 1 New Orleans Saints, No. 2 Los Angeles Rams

Wild Card Game No. 1: No. 3 Chicago Bears vs. No 6. Philadelphia Eagles

Wild Card Game No. 2: No. 4 Dallas Cowboys vs. No. 5 Seattle Seahawks

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