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2018 NCAA Football Championship

Clemson vs Alabama. Trevor Lawrence vs Tua Tagovailoa. Nick Saban vs Dabo Swinney. 1 vs 2.

What else needs to be said.

The game lived up to the hype and not for the reason that you assume. The Clemson Tigers were led by True Freshman Trevor Lawrence to a 44-16 victory. Yes, you read that correctly. Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide lost by 28 points in the most important game of the year. Four games into the season coach Swinney, put a young Lawrence in over his senior Kelly Bryant. Don’t forget Bryant helped the Tigers win the Championship in 2016. Well, clearly the past doesn’t matter because it was clearly the right decision as this wasn’t even a close contest.

Tua Tagovailoa didn’t look like the Phenom that we thought he was after last year’s Championship game. He looked average, especially after a pick-6 during the Crimson Tide’s first offensive series. He just couldn’t match-up with the freshman as he was out played.  

What this game did show us is the potential NFL rivalry that Lawrence and Tagovailoa could have in the future. The two players couldn’t play a more different style of Quarterback. Lawrence a 6 ft 6 in, 215 pound kid from Tennessee and is a pocket passing, gun slinger that is already compared to Peyton Manning. Tagovailoa a 6 ft 1, 218 pound Hawaiian lefty who can scramble and has a bulldog approach on the gridiron, similar to Russel Wilson.

Any football fan can’t wait to see which teams draft these two young superstars. Heck, we can’t wait to see them face off next year as both Clemson and Alabama are both predicted to compete for the National Championship again, according to Oddsshark. As long as these two keep scoring like they did Monday night no one will care who they play for and it’ll be exciting to see them carve up secondary defenses.   

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