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Bill Bellichick is a Farce

However, most will argue this point of view. Numbers wise, he has eight Super Bowl rings, 16 consecutive seasons of at least 10 win and has dominated the AFC East since becoming the head coach of the New England Patriots.

Problem is two of those rings came while he wasn’t the head coach (defensive coordinator of the New York Giants) and then the other six have come while he has had the greatest Quarter Back under centre, the GOAT Tom Brady.

His first spell as head coach could be called a disaster. First year going 6-10, then in years 2 and 3 going 7-9, year 4 taking the browns to the playoffs with an 11-5 record (Yes, he was the last Browns coach to win a playoff game) then year 5, Belichick went 5-11 and was relieved of his duties.  So over a 5 year span in Cleveland he went 36-45, Not hall of Fame worthy numbers at all, or numbers that you would even put in the GOAT conversation.

In the 2008 season in which Brady went down with a torn ACL. Belichick and the New England Patriots failed to make the playoffs even with an 11-5 record. Thing is no one is going to remember Matt Cassel ALMOST bringing the Pats to the playoffs. In the eyes of greatness and achievements, 2008 was a flop and goes down as a lost season.

No one can take the glory and accomplishments away from the Pats since the 2001 NFL season. The fact that we are trying to bring up is that without the Greatest Quarter Back of all Time, Tom Brady the New England Patriots and Bill Belichick would not be considered the best team in Modern Football history. Tom Brady won those rings and NOT Belichick. He should not be classified as the greatest coach in history, when other coaches didn’t depend on the greatness of a single player.  

To be considered the Greatest of All Time, you need to win Championships and many of them to reach the elite status in sports. Would we call Michael Jordan the greatest without his 6 rings? Wayne Gretzky without his 4? Where do we put Dan Marino, with him having never won a ring?

We here at The Sports Exchange see it; Belichick is NOTHING without Tom Brady. The facts show that he can’t win with Brady and has only got into the playoffs ONCE without him. He is 54-66 without Brady, if he was the coach of another team, he would’ve been removed of his coaching duties. 

With Belichick only winning 2 Super Bowls without Brady and 0 while he was a head coach, can we actually put him as the greatest coach? His dependence on Brady over the last 18 seasons has been noteworthy. Would he still be the coach in New England if no rings were brought to New England? 

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