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Betting on the NFL Playoffs

Betting during the NFL Playoffs is totally different then when betting on regular season games. Due to the winner take all scenario in Football playoffs, record doesn’t matter. Using your gut and looking at match ups are key. Everyone plays during the playoffs and coaches don’t hold anything back.   

Odds, spreads and moneyline predictions don’t necessarily matter in the playoffs. How many times have we seen upsets? Seen the Chiefs or Chargers crumble under pressure? The team that is supposed to win doesn’t always. Just ask why Tom Brady doesn’t have eight Superbowl rings. Home field advantage can play a minor role, but because of the value of the game the team that shows up, usually wins. Yes, I agree it is hard to bet against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough.

Look at regular season match ups. Did the teams face off during the season? If so, use that to your advantage. Division match ups in the playoffs are rare, but they happen. Google match-up history to get an edge, Football Database is a great resource.

Go with who is hot, teams coming off the bye don’t always do well with two weeks off in high-pressure games. So bet on teams that have won the last few games in the regular season and eased through the wildcard game. 

In the end, betting is all gut and research, go with who you think is going to win and will make you some money.

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